hump day happy place: ginsen onsen fujiya

Wednesday 30 May 2012

We're teetering dangerously close to Winter. As in, it starts in two days. Boo to that. What better time than now to take a virtual soaking in a hot steamy bath house. This Onsen (Japanese for hot spring) in Yamagata, Japan was designed by Kengo Kuma and completed in 2008. A new atrium has been carved into the original 100 year old hotel to create this warm and restful retreat. 

I love how this space acts as the quiet mediator between water and the body. In a restrained way, it evokes a connection with water by mimicking the way water interacts with light. The openness of the screening echoes the transparency of the water. The light weaving between the layered screens emulates a steamy fog. The architecture extends the presence of water, allowing its inhabitants to immerse themselves completely in the experience.

I can just imagine my freezing toes unfurling in that bath. Yes. Please.

Images via Archilover. Photographs by Daici Ano.


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