weekend project: neon ring.

Friday 1 June 2012

I've been speculating whether to start this series or not for some time. I traditionally blog about projects that are rigorously resolved, so to share my weekend projects in the same space is hugely intimidating.

However, in the blog-istensial crisis that came with my first blog birthday, I was reminded that I started this blog to help me grow as a designer and creator. Whilst I'm hugely inspired by the work of the broader creative community, the research side can be quite the time vacuum. Sadly, this often erodes the time for actually creating, which is what my blog was meant to inspire in the first place. I want to commit to making time for creating. So I'm taking the plunge and starting this series. I'll stick to posting this on Fridays, for those looking for weekend inspiration.

So here goes. Here is my first (very very) little project for the series.

As I've just written a mini thesis, I won't expand too much on my first project. This is a two tone ring made from polymer clay using a mix of Fimo Soft in Lemon and Sclupey III in Pearl.

Happy weekend!


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