(not a) weekend project: knitting seat.

Friday 22 June 2012

This is another one of mine but it is definitely not a weekend project. It was more so the result of eighty hours of labour, serious sweating, a few muttered profanities, numerous failed attempts with the drill and a sprinkling of splinters. I designed and built this in my final year of studying architecture as part of one of my favourite subjects, Timber Furniture Workshop.

I was recently asked to photograph it for an exhibition the University is holding to celebrate 20 years of running the workshop. I've been posting so much about handcraft and knitting, now seems like perfect timing to share it.

Entitled "Knit," the seat was designed to support my personal knitting habits. There is a wool dispenser compartment which keeps the wool untangled and helps me keep an even tension. Spare needles are stored just behind for those emergency moments. The seat is wide and low, allowing me to sit cross legged.

Knitting also informed the structure and design. The seat is made up of a series of interlocking, linear elements, gathering to create form.


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