weekend project: cement bowl.

Friday 8 June 2012

I recently experimented with some cement mix using this mix which I bought from Bunnings. I created the form work with a takeaway noodle bowl and a balloon in the centre to create the depression.

Once dry, I waxed and burnished it using these instructions. I liked how lo-fi this process was and how much it emulates natural erosion process. The final finish is almost matte, with a low, satin sheen.

Where the concrete was sitting against the plastic bowl, it is really smooth and quite shiny, whereas the top is much more irregular and as a result, less reflective. Gravity didn't quite flatten the top surface, as much as I had hoped. I needed to work the top with the spoon to smooth out some of the irregularities.  The balloon also shifted around a little, meaning that the edge around the depression wasn't as crisp as I'd hoped. If I were to do it again, I'd probably fill it with liquid to keep it in place.

I'd like to try something long and cylindrical next time, so that the smooth face is more exposed. I'd also be interested in trying different cement pigments and layering these to create striations.

Rather than trying to smooth out the top surface, perhaps next time I'll be more intentional about the irregularity. Omar Abel's bronze bowls are a great precedent of exploiting the irregularities of a material and process.


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