hump day happy place: dusseldorf conversion

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Now this is a warehouse conversion that totally hits the spot. This old factory in Dusseldorf, Germany is a rare example of building stock which survived through WWII. Architect, Bruno Erpicum, of AABE designed the conversion, transforming the factory into a residence for the pair of lucky clients.

There's a delicious tension between the existing structure and the building's newer counterparts. The bricks show clear signs of erosion and those blemishes speak of the factory's history. In contrast, the contemporary insertions are slicker than thou. Crisp, flawless surfaces made only more glossy against the heavily weathered brick. The old and new bounce off of each other. New is more beautiful due to the presence of the old and vice versa.

I can't help mentioning it, but did you notice the integrated cooktop in that stainless steel bench? Geez louise. No cutting corners here.

Images via AABE. Photography  by Jean-Luc Laloux.


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