pakayla biehn.

Monday 2 July 2012

Double exposure photography has had it's fair share of Internet exposure lately, and while I'm infatuated with quite a few artists working with the process, the work of Pakayla Biehn is particularly fascinating.

Firstly, she suffers from an eye condition called Strabismus, meaning that for much of her life, she has literally been seeing in double. Given that, the layering of images seems particularly poignant.

Secondly, these images are not actually photographs but paintings. Photography once imitated painting but here, painting imitates photography. Although she references the photographic process, her work remains honest about her medium. You don't have to look too close to see evidence of brush strokes. As a viewer, that moment of discovering that these are actually paintings, is quite thrilling.

Pakayla borrows photographic imagery by other artists to produce her work. By layering these images together and by using her paintbrush to retell the story, she produces works that are entirely unique. A painterly storytelling patchwork of sorts.

Her skill is undeniable and the result is delicate, ethereal and incredibly beautiful.

Images via artist's website.


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