hump day happy place: paris restaurant.

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Let's lunch in Paris today shall we? This dining space is designed by French architects Betillon/Dorval-Bory.

There's no question that this space is all about the ceiling. Made of a multi-faceted mirrored surface, studded with lights, this ceiling sparkles and glows above its guests. Reflecting the surfaces below, I can only imagine how spectacularly alive this must be in the flesh, especially when occupied by a crowd of continuously shifting bodies. I love when a single gesture like this can transform a space from ho-hum to get-me-there-immediately.

Okay, okay, despite the egg crate-esque profile, I question how mirrored surfaces would perform from an acoustic point of view. I would have thought that you could use soft furnishings on the walls or floor here, without necessarily disrupting the strength of the ceiling.

All in all though, a pretty neat concept and one that's been beautifully executed.

Images via Design Boom.


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