weekend project: carver chair

Friday 6 July 2012

Today's project is more cosmetic than any stroke of genius but it was still fun. I picked up this carver chair on eBay a few months ago. Due to a rookie seller with an auction finishing on a Friday night, it was only $10. Score for me.* My vintage furniture tastes are usually more mid century, but there's something about the geometry of this chair that is really appealing to me. Perhaps it's that gentle, restrained curvaceousness.

It was originally a lacquered, yellow/red based timber with a brown vinyl seat. Motivated by a desire to make it more contemporary (mixed with an intense dislike of glossy timber and brown vinyl) I painted it black and reupholstered the seat in a natural linen. I used Porters Eggshell acrylic in Aniseed- one of my favourites. It has a beautiful chalky finish which works so well in black.

Call me a cliche of an architect but most things look better in black, right? Ahh. It feels so much more like me.

* Alright. I confess that this statement is riddled with hyperbole. Once I add in delivery, the paint, staple gun, fabric and extra padding, it didn't end up being quite the $10 bargain it first appeared to be. All in all, it still works out under $100. Plus I have a staple gun now. Win.


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