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Friday 31 August 2012

I sat down close to midnight on Tuesday to start writing my "happy place" post when I realized something. My happy place? It was under the doona, with my eyes closed, basking in the world of subconscious. So there I headed, a little reluctantly at first, but it was glorious. After months of restless nights (due to my compulsion to trying to do everything in life), I finally had a solid night's rest and I went from little miss irritable, grumpy pants to all smiles regular me within eight hours. I was in an exponentially better mood and so much more capable the next morning. As if by magic.

With our installation opening in less than a month and me now facing the most anxiety inducing to do list I've ever penned, I suspect this may happen again. Excuse me in advance if my blogging becomes a little irregular. I do like it around these parts so I hope not to disappear completely. I've also lined up a few guest bloggers who'll be stopping in over the next few weeks.

Lesson for the week: Don't underestimate the power of sleep. On that note, have a relaxing weekend friends!

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