weekend project: lacework

Friday 3 August 2012

Today's weekend project is brought to you by my lovely friend, Tarryn. You may remember her from this interiors project which I blogged about a while back. Tarryn's passion for making has fueled my own interest so I'm very excited to share a few of her pieces here today.

These necklaces are a collage of remnants, left over pieces and fragments. It was important to Tarryn that the private history of each piece was not erased or washed out in their assembly. By piecing these disparate materials together, she added an additional layer. She threaded into the existing structure, tracing previous hands movements, yet making a new mark.

She was particularly interested in the use of vintage lace. The intention was to maintain a sense of veiling and layering of ideas without reducing it to a two dimensional or flattened piece. 

Tarryn describes these as "very much a loose experiment with clumsy, rudimentary, expressed connections." Well, that's Tarryn's version of clumsy anyway. She really takes the word meticulous to new heights.

Photos by me. Text written together with Tarryn.


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