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Monday 10 September 2012

Today we have Leah Robbins in the house. Fun times! Leah, also known as The Minimalist, is an interior designer, blogger and online store owner. Leah sources limited edition homewares for her shop, curating goodies sourced both locally and internationally. She collaborates with an ever growing list of unique designers, releasing a new collection every sixty days. Below are some of my favourites from her current collection.

I'm also slightly obsessed with her Pinterest feed. Let's just say her logo has made a permanent home on my profile. So I made it my mission to find out what makes this super sharp design eye buzz. 

Here she is sharing a little bit about herself. Thanks for joining us, Leah!

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Where is your creative energy going right now?
Right now I am collaborating with an array of designers and creators on some exciting new pieces for our next Pop Up store! We have secured a fantastic space right in the middle of Crown Street in Surry Hills that will be open from the 8 th til the 28th December. I am working with some very clever Sydney based crafters on hand cut Christmas cards and geometric tree ornaments made from paper as well as some very bold wearable pieces. There is even a special limited edition Faceture vase exclusively for The Minimalist in production as we speak!

Who/what inspires you always?

I am inspired by many different people from all areas of design. Stylist Susanna Vento is often playful in her approach and reminds me not to take things to seriously. Phil Cuttance has an ever inspiring approach to process and meaning in design but I am also lucky to be surrounded by many amazing designers whose creations we have in The Minimalist store and they inspire me on a daily basis.

Above: Susanna Vento for Deko Magazine. Photography by Seppo Saarentola. Below: Works by David Cragg.

Who/what is inspiring you right now?
We rent the ground floor of our studio space in Surry Hills to a vintage style bike shop and I recently uncovered a bunch of paintings by young local artist David Cragg that were tucked away in the back of the store. David paints onto found and throw away pieces of timber using paints all sourced from a recycling depot in Marrickville. This discovery prompted me to call David into the studio right away
and I have commissioned a small collection of pieces soon to be seen in the store. And my original discoveries from the back of the shop now sit happily on my desk!

Describe your workspace.

We have a small warehouse space that is quite chaotic at times but where I spend most of my days is at my desk at home which is a simple trestle table. It faces a window with a great view toward the city. Usually found on my desk are piles of to do lists and piles of magazines. A cluster of boxes from Hay sit to my left. I use them to keep all the little things in order and out of sight. My other workspace essentials are my gigantic pin board and my equally gigantic calendar.

Leah's workspace.

Your go to websites/blogs?
So, so many! It really depends on my purpose. Mocoloco is great for product inspiration. Scandinavian Deko is where I go to relax. Emmas design blog and Colour me Katie are total contrasts to each other but always inspiring and vibrant. There are really too many to mention.

Most treasured on the bookshelf?

I have a few! Dieter Rams: As little design as possible by Sophie Lovell for Phaidon, Curated by Promopress, a small book on Le Corbusier that was a gift and SuperFreakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner.

A sneaky peek at Leah's bookshelf and roof terrace.

Share something from your creative bag of tricks.
Whenever I get stressed, stuck, frustrated, lost, writers block or RSI I get up and go outside. I go up to the rooftop and water the garden or especially at this time of year I investigate brand new shoots or small flowers about to bloom. This always helps me to re focus.


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