space and sound

Monday 24 September 2012

The last few weeks I've learnt so much about the relationship between sound, materiality and space. It's been fascinating to notice, first hand, the change in sound quality as we incrementally build the installation. Sadly, my tragic sing-a-longs have been the sound control sample. I've discovered that cheesy sing-a-longs are essential to surviving marathon sessions of tedious tasks.

With space, sound and materiality on my mind, it's no wonder that this school hall's ceiling treatment immediately had me in extreme bookmarking mode. The sheaths of translucent textile (designed by Daniel Balo, Daniel Eke and Zoltan Kalaszi) combine acoustic performance, lighting and spatial/aesthetic solutions in one single gesture. It's incredible how these undulating blades of fabric make this rather modest school gym present like an epic concert hall. 

Images via ArchDaily. Photographs by Tamas Bujnovszky.


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