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Friday 9 November 2012

Welcome to part two of the styling job I did for Dulux. Today I'm sharing the sets I styled for the "Merge" palette.

Of the three palettes, Merge was the one that I immediately connected with. A palette of warm greys and sharp pink-orange tones, the palette has a clean/minimal aesthetic but is simultaneously warm and feminine. Is it just me or is this palette essentially the colour scheme for my blog? Coincidence much?

The Merge palette is about reinterpreting influences from the past for the contemporary context. There is a particular focus on craftsmanship and the mix of old and new techniques. I chose to style work spaces, which for me is a place where I experience a mixing of digital and analogue techniques on a daily basis.

The look is inspired by the past but it is newer and more polished, creating spaces that are simultaneously contemporary and nostalgic. I was fortunate to have been given this gorgeous Victorian space to play with.

Photography by Mauro Pomponio.

Some notes on the props: The desk draws on a mid century aesthetic but has been machined using the most advanced technology and allows provision for computer cabling. The rug was handmade using a traditional Nepalese pattern but the colours have been updated to reflect more current trends. The vessel is inspired by the brass cooking pots of India but has been transformed into a bold, contemporary sculpture. 

Many thanks to the following suppliers: 
Image group 1: Aeria Media Cabinet from Luke Furniture
Image group 2: Ercol Butterfly chair from Temperature Design, Orson Desk, Bincan Appendiabiti coat stand and desk lamp from Luke Furniture, Tom Dixon vessel from Dedece, Turksh Milla Rug from Behruz, Sid Stool by Norman Quaine my own


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