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Monday 14 January 2013

Welcome to 2013, friends. I hope you all had a fabulous break!

I know a lot of people poo poo the concept of new year's resolutions, but there's something about a holiday break coupled with that new number on the end of the date that makes me feel like a new beginning. For example, as soon as we ticked over to 2013 I finally found the willpower to stop gorging on cake and cheese. I'm going to ride this wave of motivation while I can.

It seems a fitting time to share this renovation by Haworth Tompkins, which uses the dilapidated bones of an old dovecote (housing for doves) for a new artsists' studio. The form and materiality sensitively echo what once was, whilst remaining decidedly contemporary in its expression.  It's a case of same same but different and a very elegant case at that. It's a successful example of how an existing form can be adapted to suit new, changing needs.

Here's to hoping that 2013 brings changes as agreeable as this one.

Images via ArchDaily.


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