brighton house by büro

Wednesday 20 February 2013

This recently completed beachside residence was designed büro, a practice headed by my previous employer, Paul von Chrismar. After watching the scheme develop in the office, it was such a treat to see the final photos. I didn't catch much of it while it was onsite so it feels as if I've fast forwarded to the final episode and discovered a grand, palatial house at the conclusion. If only all construction processes were so fast-forwardable. (Yup, I'm making up words now.)

It's a new addition to the rear of an existing Victorian home. Clad entirely in bluestone, it is monolithic and elegantly proportioned. Perforated bluestone screens are slotted between the rhythm of the columns, providing light relief within the mass structure. The screen casts a fine tracery of shadows, which infiltrates moments of the interior experience. A fairly stripped back interior with Belgian undertones, the sculpted stone rangehood and fireplace are like little jewels in the space.

Nicely done, team! 


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