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Friday 22 February 2013

1. Dip Chair by Folklore || 2. Fall/Winter bench by Valentin Loellman via designboom || 3. Gentle Chair for Porro by Front || 4. Jake chair by Koskela || 5. Verona Dining table by Folklore || 6. 62 Series by Greta Grossman reissued by Gubi via Daily Tonic || 7. JAZZ sideboard by Mambo Unlimited via Retail Design Blog || 8. Milking stools by Um Project

I am excited to share that I'm one of nine designers participating in the Feast Watson's Re-love Challenge. The challenge? Source a piece of worn timber furniture and pimp it til it's so bangin' we can raise a small fortune for The Salvos at auction. You know I love a good weekend project and it's for a good cause. Double win.

As I'll have access to the full Feast Watson timber finishing range, I've been scouring the net for furniture precedents where the timber finish is the main event. It's getting me all excited and I can't wait to get started.

I've picked up this simple coffee table with steel framed legs. I was looking for something simple, with a large flat area so I can experiment with surface treatment. I also wanted something currently unloved and potentially headed to landfill, as saving such a piece is what makes this challenge rewarding. Judging from the rather tenacious layer of dust and cobwebs on this number, I think this guy is just the ticket.


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