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Monday 12 August 2013

Over the weekend I popped into ACCA to see Monica Sosnowska's new exhibition, Regional Modernities. Having presented work at Venice Biennale and pocketed an Art Basel prize, it's a treat to see this international artist exhibit twenty minutes from home. Plus they allow photography at the exhibition. Double score.

Similar to fellow Polish artist, Monika Gryzmala (who I blogged about here), she began her career studying painting and eventually found her medium flying off the page, evolving to three dimensional drawings. 

Unlike Gryzmala, her material palette draws from architectural elements like steel frames and concrete. She is interested in the ways physical space can inform a mental space. As a great believer that space can affect how we feel, now wonder this exhibition piqued my interest.

The work above was the hero of the exhibition. Hovering alone above a grand space and visible from the two key axis of the gallery, the thin black lines have the delicacy of a draped textile. My photos don't quite communicate how dramatic and imposing this structure is in the flesh. Upon closer inspection, the "textile" is in fact steel window sections welded together in a state of collapse.

In one of the smaller spaces stood this concrete structure with a crenellated face both inside and out. Perhaps a commentary on an oppressive built environment, the internal space offers no reprieve other than the opening from which you enter.

The exhibition is on at ACCA until September 29th and admission is free. It's a fairly small exhibition but if you're in Melbourne, it's worth dropping in.

[Photos by me]


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