louisiana museum of modern art, copenhagen

Tuesday 28 January 2014

The Louisiana Museum was easily my favourite spot in Copenhagen. The experience began with a one hour train ride from the city through the woods. The physical distance provided mental distance and I revelled in the luxury of escape. 

We arrived at the sculpture park and gallery, at a modest house with a ticket booth. The journey began through a long, internalized gallery space. Incrementally, the beauty of the museum grounds revealed itself. Small windows gradually opened up to glassy walkways and long ribbon windows, offering long views to the generous grassy lawns and the heavily rooted trees scattered across the site. Eventually, we found ourselves exploring the sculpture park, set against the stunning backdrop of the sea. 

The building was designed by Jørgen Bo and Wilhelm Wohlert in 1958. There is a considered understanding of the journey through the space, shifting from underground spaces to long vistas from up high. From narrow corridors to double height spaces. The gaze is guided from one view to another, always complimenting the moment before and the moment after. 


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