yoko ono, louisiana museum of modern art

Wednesday 5 February 2014

I mentioned previously that Louisiana Museum Modern Art was my favourite find in Copenhagen. This is a bit of a russian dolls post, but the golden nugget hiding inside- Yoko Ono's exhibition - truly deserves its own post.

To be honest, I thought of Yoko Ono as little more than John Lennon's sidekick prior to this exhibition. By the time I left, I'd developed a heavy infatuation with this woman's inspiring, expansive mind and immense creative energy. Covering everything from installation to film, music, performance art and painting, one thing rang very clear: this prolific artist knows how to generate ideas. As a visitor to the exhibition, both the eyes and mind were truly stimulated. Each work was a dangling carrot, encouraging me to discover more about myself, others and the way we engage with the world.

One of my favourites within the exhibition was the "Telephone Maze." Using layers of glass and clever lighting, this seemingly simple maze was a disorienting experience. Dizzying light refractions threw me of course over and over. For me, the maze quickly became a performance experience with crowds suddenly emerging from nowhere, all gazing at my attempt to navigate the maze. At the heart of the maze was a telephone, which delivered performance based instructions at irregular intervals. My timing didn't coincide with a phone call, so I made my way out, somehow still stumbling my way through a path already travelled.

"We're all water"
Bottles of liquid marked with names of celebrities

"Morning Beams"


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