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Friday 26 September 2014

Saint Louie hair salon is one of a string of tenancies at Nonda Katsalidis’ "Little Hero" development on Russell Place. The development is a rare example of a new build that naturally contributes to the charm of Melbourne’s more established laneway network. Stepping off Bourke st, there's something seductive about Russell Place's quieter voice, more generous sense of time and collection of cosy interiors.

I was surprised to hear that design professionals were absent from the process of Saint Louie's fitout. Instead, the interior design was concocted by the salon’s partners, Jean-Paul and Ivan Constable. Working to a tight frame, the process was a flurry of creative collisions. You’d never know it, since the space hangs together so cohesively. Perhaps that fiery passion allowed the owners to critically sieve out the best ideas, whilst ultimately striving for the same end goal.

Connecting with the salon’s approach to hair, the interior is earthy and natural. A lusciously tactile palette of rendered walls, river rock and raw timber ground the space. Low level lighting strung from above is polite on the eyes. Vintage pieces are scattered throughout, steering the space away from an overly polished aesthetic. The whole space feels rather effortless. 

 It's pretty clear the Saint Louie team's eye for hair translates to an eye for interiors. 


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