3,3/4 exhibition, fashion week.

Monday 12 September 2011

As part of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, a selection of final year Fashion students are exhibiting their work at No Vacancy Gallery. These students are yet to finish their degree (they are 3, 3/4 years through) so this exhibition focuses on their final year design research and development. I found the work fascinating, beautiful and rigorously considered. I'm looking forward to seeing more from these emerging designers and will keep my ears pricked for the graduate exhibition.

Below are a few of my favourites from the exhibition. There were more that I found interesting but they weren't so easy to photograph. Luckily, although Fashion week is over, you can still catch the exhibition until September 18th. 

"Precious Threads by Anisha Bhoryu. Anisha has made a series of garments using the idea of pulling threads in the fabric to produce texture and inform the garment construction. Beautifully executed, she won this year's RMIT student prize. I wanted to take this dress home!
"Textilis" by Alana Hersh. Alana has manipulated a grid of woven fabric strips using knotting, weaving, pleating and crochet to envelope the human form.
"Whereing" by Hannah Chamley.
"The Fabric of Her Skin" by Joanna Henning.
Untitled by Madeline Stagg.

All photos in today's post by me.


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