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Monday 30 July 2012

Is it just me or is the architecture and interiors scene in Poland really pumping out the goods lately? I've expressed my love of Tamizo Architects before and you may have caught my Arch 515 Pinterest bonanza last week, but I'm also really loving the work of Moomoo. Now I don't want to start placing "isms" on anything but there is certainly a consistent language between these three (read: one that's totally up my alley).

Moomoo was initiated in 2008 and the two founders are in their early twenties. This might explain why, at present, their website is largely a collection of unrealized works. Unrealized but impressive nonetheless. The 600sqm house, pictured above, is perhaps my pick of the lot.  There's a clarity in their work, with enviable control of composition. They also have an interest in using textiles as an external material which intrigues me. My eyes are going to be watching this space for sure.

Images via Moomoo.


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