2012 fringe furniture

Monday 8 October 2012

Over the weekend I checked out the Fringe Furniture Exhibition. This exhibition is open to any artist or designer interested in exhibiting their work to an audience. Being completely open, the quality of work can be quite varied but it does provide a great forum for both experimental work and emerging designers.

The tagline for this year's collection was "You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat: Bright ideas, Simply Put." The common thread was simple design using a resourceful attitude towards materials. It wasn't a particularly ground breaking theme, but it did allow for a broad spectrum of work, most of which I suspect wasn't specifically designed for this exhibition.

There were two standout pieces for me and both happened to be by the same designer, Ben Tovim. Both his Diamond Pendant (above) and George Lane stool were elegantly detailed using enticing colour and material combinations.

Fringe Furniture is showing at the Abbotsford Convent until 13th October.

Credits from top. All photos by me:

1. Diamond Pendant by Ben Tovim Design
2. Cake by Tranh Ninh
3. My favourite material explorations. Left: Klag chair by David Hardeman made of fly ash and resin. and Right: Bark Stool made of layered sheets of ply by LLDS & Power to Make
4. Choppy by Sally-Anne Mill. A screen and light fittings made of perforated metal from collapsing colanders.
5. I was naughty and failed to record the designer for these ones. Anyone have any ideas?
6. Same goes for the lights on the left. Stools on the right are the George Lane stools by Ben Tovim Design.


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