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Friday 16 November 2012

We're up to the final colour palette for the Dulux photoshoot, as styled by me (you can see the first two here and here). The Blur palette reflects our technologically driven world. It's about the GenY obsession with immediacy paired with a bombardment of visual stimuli. 

The images above draw on the fun, frivolous nature of the palette. How great is that chair that my talented friend Amber put together? The bedroom space below is about layering pattern and colour. The dynamic fragmented mural, richly patterned rug and sculptural armchair work together to create an intense, hyper real space. 

Small confession. I had a mini heart attack when I opened the envelope of ultra bright swatches. I searched desperately for a Vivid White or at least his closest cousin. Despite this, these ended up being some of my favourite images. It was a great challenge to work out how to own something that at first felt so foreign. Methinks I need to try that more often.

Please visit the Dulux website to see the other sets styled by Bree Leech and the team from Mim Design. It was such an honour to be working alongside these well seasoned stylists.

Photography by Mario Pomponio

Many thanks to the following suppliers: 
Image group 1: Chair by Thread Architecture, Rug from Behruz, Flowers by Pollon
Image group 2: Tom Dixon Link Armchair from Dedece, Pendant light by Thread Architecture, Sari Rug from Behruz, Linen sheets by Miss Molly, Sketch bed by Freedom, Side table my own, Flowers by Pollon.


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